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Packages that use ITypedValue

Uses of ITypedValue in isql

Subinterfaces of ITypedValue in isql
 interface IConstant
          A constant written in the SQL query either in the SELECT clause or in the WHERE clause.

Methods in isql that return ITypedValue
 ITypedValue IExpression.getResult()
          Get the result of the expression (can be a constant or an array)

Methods in isql that return types with arguments of type ITypedValue
 java.util.Map<java.lang.String,ITypedValue> ISQLQuery.query(java.lang.String sql, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,InputArray> mapArrayByName)
          Queries the arrays using the SQL query

Methods in isql with parameters of type ITypedValue
 Equalizer.IArrayFuture Equalizer.add(ITypedValue value)
          Add a new expression.

Uses of ITypedValue in isql.array

Classes in isql.array that implement ITypedValue
 class Array
          An array with its type
 class BooleanArray
 class DateArray
 class InputArray
 class NumericArray
 class TextArray

Uses of ITypedValue in isql.constant

Classes in isql.constant that implement ITypedValue
 class BooleanConstant
          A boolean constant (true or false)
 class DateConstant
          A date constant (e.g.
 class NumericConstant
          A numeric constant
 class TextConstant
          A text constant

Uses of ITypedValue in isql.expression

Methods in isql.expression that return ITypedValue
 ITypedValue UnaryExpression.getResult()
 ITypedValue DoubleExpression.getResult()
 ITypedValue CaseExpression.getResult()
          Calculates the result of the case expression.
 ITypedValue ColumnExpressionByGroup.getResult()
 ITypedValue AggregateFunction.getResult()
 ITypedValue ConstantExpression.getResult()
 ITypedValue ColumnExpressionSimple.getResult()

Uses of ITypedValue in isql.predicate

Methods in isql.predicate with parameters of type ITypedValue
static java.lang.Object[] ComparisonPredicate.toArray(ITypedValue res)
          Convert the content of a column into an array, whatever it is