Package isql.expression

Interface Summary
ISimpleExpression the expressions that don't contain an operator
IWhereExpression Expressions that can be used in a where clause (not aggregate functions, not case)

Class Summary
AggregateFunction function to aggregate rows of the view (for example SUM, AVERAGE...).
CaseExpression calculates the result of a CASE-WHEN-THEN expression
ColumnExpressionByGroup A simple table-column expression.
ColumnExpressionSimple An expression composed by a single column
ConstantExpression Expression consiting of just a constant, like a number or a string
DoubleExpression The combination of two other expression through a binary operator (e.g.
UnaryExpression To evaluate an expression with an unary operator
When In a case clause, it is the WHEN part of one of the WHEN...THEN clauses.
WhenThen A WHEN-THEN substatement of a CASE statement

Enum Summary
AggregateType The available aggregate functions