Class DoublePredicate.MergeRowsOr

  extended by isql.predicate.DoublePredicate.MergeRowsOr
Enclosing class:

public static class DoublePredicate.MergeRowsOr
extends java.lang.Object

In case of an AND between two conditions, the views have to be merged so that the result view contains the union of the rows indices of the views. This is accomplished: 1) copying to the result view all the indices of the first view 2) copying to the result view the indices of the second view that are not in the first view

SHZ Apr 16, 2008

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void mergeRows(WhereView toFind, WhereView in, java.lang.String tableName, WhereView viewRes)
          merges the two tables
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Constructor Detail


public DoublePredicate.MergeRowsOr()
Method Detail


public void mergeRows(WhereView toFind,
                      WhereView in,
                      java.lang.String tableName,
                      WhereView viewRes)
merges the two tables

toFind - the view the row indices of which are searched in the "in" view
in - the view that is searched in
tableName - the merge table
viewRes - the view resulting from the merge operation