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Packages that use Array

Uses of Array in isql

Methods in isql that return Array
 Array ColumnValues.get(ColumnKey key)
          Returns the array of a column
 Array Equalizer.IArrayFuture.getArray()
 Array Column.getArray()

Methods in isql that return types with arguments of type Array
 java.util.Set<java.util.Map.Entry<ColumnKey,Array>> ColumnValues.entrySet()
          Returns the columns with their ids
 java.util.Collection<Array> ColumnValues.values()
          Returns the columns contents (arrays)

Constructors in isql with parameters of type Array
Column(ColumnKey key, Array array)

Constructor parameters in isql with type arguments of type Array
ColumnValues(java.util.Map<ColumnKey,Array> mapValuesByColumn)
ColumnValuesWithRowsNumber(java.util.Map<ColumnKey,Array> mapValuesByColumn)

Uses of Array in isql.array

Subclasses of Array in isql.array
 class BooleanArray
 class DateArray
 class InputArray
 class NumericArray
 class TextArray

Uses of Array in isql.groupby

Methods in isql.groupby that return Array
 Array Groups.getGroupByColumnValues(ColumnKey key)
          Returns an array with the rows index that are contained in the group, in the order they was found in the original set of columns